September 9-10 Horse-Art-Yoga Retreat

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A transformational heart-opening journey awaits - grow and learn beautiful techniques with horses', art, and yoga to sustain optimal health, happiness and wellbeing. These spiritually nourishing and personal growth nature retreats offer re-connection, revitalization and a creative channel for shifting awareness and raising energy. 

Horses, art and yoga (no previous experience necessary) all, in their own way, have an innate way of replenishing the human spirit.  This retreat offers space to enhance our connection with nature, experience horse sense first hand, ignite artistic creativity, deepen our knowledge of mind /body wisdom and connect with the serenity and stillness within.

Dune Lakes Horse Inspired Learning Centre is home to a herd of free roaming horses, 37 acres with magnificent views in the heart of ancient sand hills on the South Kaipara Head Peninsula - an energetic matrix for complete change through nature, the way of the horse, self -love and connection to all life.  

Nourishing, wholesome vegan meals provided.  Overnight accommodation available on request.  Please phone Rosemary 09 4202040 Ext 0